Little home decor shop from Finland. Everyday seamstress: Catalina, seasonal seamstress: Maria (Catalina’s mom). Little helpers: Erik (Catalina’s son), 4 crazy cats, Juha (husband). We’ve been living in Romania as a family for a few years then we moved in North.

What we make: we travel up and down, find fabric shops and choose the most apealing and gorgeous cotton, linen (and sometimes polyester) fabrics, we wash them, iron them and sew them into tablecloths, table runners, pillow covers, curtains, babies and toddlers clothes. We love mostly finnish and swedish fabrics but we also choose from english, french, german or spanish fabrics.

How the shop works: 90% of the products from the site are in stock. However, some of them are only made to order, which means we need to order the fabric and remake the product. This will happend as long as the fabric is still available.

We also create patterns and stitch embroideries. My niece (she’s 10 now), is drawing, I am stitching. And we love it.

Stick around for any new items in the shop. If we don’t have your size and the fabric is still available, we can provide. Thank you for your visit!

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