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How to make a stonecrop wreath

How to make a stonecrop wreath

For 3 months already our stonecrop plant kept its pink flowers intact, with no sign of getting old or fading. Until yesterday when the first snow arrived and it was heavy enough to break a part of the branches :(

However, I decided not to just let go yet because it is so beautiful and long-lasting.

Therefore, I gathered the broken branches with inflorescences on them, and picked up some other materials, such as:

  • thin wire (thin enough not to be too visible and hard to work with, strong enought not to break easily when twisted)

  • willow twigs (or any other twigs that can be bend without breaking)

  • perennial scissors (or flower scissors)

  • wire scissors (or anything that can cut metallic wire)

First of all, bild the frame. I chosed to make a rectangle this time, even if usual I stick to round shapes. Cut 4+4 of 30 cm and 4+4 of 45 cm pieces from the willow twigs.

Put together 4 twigs of the same lengh, combining them to get an equal bunch from an end to another. Tie them together at each end. Take other 4 and continue until you have 4 bunches.

Get a short bunch and tie it to a longer one keeping about 5 cm from end to the point of connection. Better tie around with wire on the two diagonals for better reinforcement.

After you finish you should have a rectangle frame just like in the images.

Stonecrop plants have rather large inflorescences so tie the big ones alone and put together smaller ones to get equal bouquets. Tie the first bouquet just above a corner (with the inflorescence hiding the wires from the frame binding).

Come with the second bouquet right above the inflorescence of the first bouquet covering its wires. Do so until you get to the end of the first side of the frame. Just respect the free 5 cm from the end to the binding point.

Should you wish to dress with flowers all the four sides or just the longer sides, it is really your choice. I believe the wreath is somehow more balance with only 2 sides.

Add a little wire hook in the back of the upper side. Decorate your outside door, stand back and admire your work. Did the stress go away? Are you feeling a bit better? Stand back, look at your creation and relax. :)

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