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How to make Christmas ornaments from leftover fabrics and scraps

How to make Christmas ornaments from leftover fabrics and scraps

This morning I woke up with a nasty headache. I went off bed, drank a large glass of water and then it striked me. I had a piece of fabric left from sewing some Christmas stockings and pillow covers and I didn’t wanted to throw it away. Because it was too beautiful (“Lingonnissar” from Arvidssons Textil, Sweden).

To be honest, I don’t throw fabric leftovers away, therefore I have now 2-3 large bags full of them. They include smaller or larger pieces of fabrics, end threads, some embroidery yarns.

So, with this idea, I just might make them dissapear and not in the garbage bin :) Let me show you how.

First of all, you need a fabric that has some funny, large figures on it. For example, “Lingonnissar” figures are about 7 cm tall (see pictures).

Materials and tools: 1. A piece of fabric with large figures on it, seasonal oriented, such as Santas, Santas helpers, poinsettias, reindeers.

2. Fabric scissors and thread snips

3. Large embroidery needle, normal stitching needle.

4. Sewing machine

5. Thread (for sewing and thicker)

6. Fabric scraps, yarn scraps.

Take the fabric you will use for this project and iron it. It will make your work easier. With a fabric scissors cut around the figure at 0.5 cm (around 1/4 inch) from the print. Take a fabric scrap of single color and cut an identical figure as your main.

Put them together right sides, pin them in place and sew a simple stitch around the figure at 0.4 cm from the edge. Leave a gap unsewed at the bas of the figure, large enough to turn it upside down.

Turn the fabrics right faces up, and using the large embroidering needle or a pencil, make sure you turn the fabric completly so you have a whole figure. Iron it.

Get some thick thread and with the large needle pass the thread twice throgh the upper part of the figure, making a loop. Lock the thread with a scissors of a pencil and make a double knot at the ends of the thread. Pull the loop at maximum and now your figure has a tab. :)

Fill the figure with small fabric scraps and yarn scraps. Try to fill the small parts too. When it’s full, make a hand invisible stitch at the base of the figure, or a small blanket stitch if you don’t mind the look. Clean the decorations from any scraps (I use lint remover roller, we have many, because… cats).

Put the decoration in your Christmas tree or use it for other purposes (wreaths, gift pack, toys etc).

*By the way, I hope you understand my english, it is not perfect. :) I hope the images are clear enough, though.

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