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The Finnish Craft & Design Fair from Tampere Finland, 15-17th november 2018

The Finnish Craft & Design Fair from Tampere Finland, 15-17th november 2018

Last week, as I was making my schedule about what fabric stores should I visit and what fabrics should I buy, I realized that there will also be a textiles related fair in Tampere.

I live in Sastamala, Finland, but once a week I take the train and go to the next bigger city to buy fabrics and accessories for my work. Of course there is internet and I should just sit and relax at home while my orders are coming, but I really enjoy seeing and touching the fabrics before I decide what can I do with them. Not to mention that one of the shops I visit quite frequently doesn’t have a site yet.

So, as I was checking some of my favorite stitching and sewing accounts on Instagram, I got this ad about a craft fair which made me pretty happy because some of my favorite finnish fabric makers were there to present their products. Also, I would have be able to find some new ones too. I reserved a ticket and Friday the 15th of November after all my fabric shoppings were done I took the 14Y bus to the Tampereen Messut and there I was.

First impression: the place is so damn huge! And the bus queue back towards the city center was enormous. Luckly, there were extra buses from 5-10 minutes so they can pick up all those customers and visitors.

As I was getting lost in the big halls of Tampereen Messut I was happy and excited to see so many fabric and accessories makers, yarn makers, sewing, stitching and crafting classes on spot and many more.

The first shop I got my eyes on was Paapii Design. And that’s because lots of visitors were there to buy fabrics for their projects. I already had some orders coming so I didn’t bought anything but I did took some pictures because the place looked great.

The next one managed to get into my wallet because their fabrics are so so beautiful. Not to mention that being there and seeing the materials, made it easy for me to decide what to get for my next projects. The brand is called Nuppu (Print Company) and they mainly have floral print fabrics (thin cotton, thick cotton, jersey, sport jersey, college etc).

I bought 2 pieces of their thick printed cotton because I want to make some bags and these are very very good quality. The Winter’s heart was one of them and Vanamo (which is the finnish name of the tiny yet superb flower Linnaea borealis, the twinflower).

The next one to pick up my attention was Verson Puoti, were I spotted some nice jersey and college fabrics, one of them being Kauris (citronelle- the color is splendid in real life).

The violet shop of the fair was Roo, with abstract prints and pastel colors.

And the one that caught my former Horticulture engineer eyes was Taito Shop with these botany prints on black, absolutely breathtaking. Unfortunately they only had already made products but if they ever sell the fabrics I shall be ready with my card. #takemymoney, as they say. Oops, I just checked their site and daaamn! See for yourself. I shall make myself a lovely bag.

Note to myself: when the next Suomen Kädentaidot (2019) comes, reserve one whole day for it. And maybe, who knows, one day you shall be a part of it.

How is our shop working?

How is our shop working?